AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.
AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Model Number AGE 2000+ AGE 3000 AGE 3000+ AGE 4000 AGE 6000 AGE 6000+ AGE 10000
Module(24V) 250WX8 250WX12 250WX18 195WX21 250WX24 250WX24 250WX32
Inverter 5KVA 5KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA 10KVA 10KVA 10KVA
Battery 8*100Ah/12V 8*150Ah/12V 10*150Ah/12V 15*150Ah/12V 15*150Ah/12V 15*200Ah/12V 15*200Ah/12V
Solar Charge Controller 40Amp,96 40Amp,96V 40Amp,120V 40Amp,180V 40Amp,180V 40Amp,180V 40Amp,180V
Structure As Required
No. Of Nozzels 2 3 3 4 6 6 7
Load Lighting 400 Watts 500 Watts 800 Watts 1000 Watts 1700 Watts 2000 Watts 2400 Watts
Who Should Use Recommended for KSKs & Residential etc. Recommended for Retail Outlets, Nursing Homes Large schools/colleges, Malls, etc.

100-120 sq feet shadow free per KWp of installation indoor, well ventilated space for keeping battery and inverter Shadow Free Roof Top.
Government Emphasis On Solar Use

  • 30% capital subsidy from MNRE.
  • 80% accelerated depreciation of asset.
More than 50% of the value of the asset is recovered in the first year due to the above incentives
Electricity Problem in Rural India
Most of rural & semi-urban India experiences 12-24 hours of power cut. Solar Power is the most economical and reliable way of powering your business. The inverter can charge the battery using Solar energy. Electricity board energy or the generator. Thus ensuring that you have power backup even on rainy days. Most commercial operations in rural India runs on Diesel Generator. These generators are extremely expensive and reduce a lot of maintenance. Additionally, the frequency is likely to vary depending on load which leads to break-down of the Dispensing Unit. These generators cause a lot of noise pollution making it uncomfortable for the owner to sit in his office.
Electricity Problem in Rural India

Price of diesel has been growing at an average rate of 7% per year. Additionally, diesel generators are extremely inefficient at low loads leading to energy cost of up to Rs 32/KWh. A typical petrol pump has very low load during the day since only the pumps are working . The Diesel generator of 15KVA or higher capacity consumes large amount of diesel during this time for supporting a small load of 2-3KVA as shown in graph.

Electricity Problem in Rural India

Solar Power Plant requires a large investment. However, this investment gives a return of upto 50% every year leading to a saving of more than Rs41 Lacs in 10 years for an RO and more that Rs13 Lacs saving over 10 years for a KSK.