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The AcuTech consortium was founded in 2003 with a focus on Information technology, Health Care, Automation and Renewal Energy solutions. We have since established ourselves as a premier, multi-diverse technology group having specialties in conducting research, creating designs, and providing one-stop solutions for valubale clients. We engage in B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Bsuiness to Consumer) by building successful businesses models.

AcuTech Group is consistent of highly skilled technical and functional sales & marketing and managerial resources. Our employees bring out the most innovative solutions in every business, technology domain, and walk of the life. Our proactive approach enhances the value of our services.

Our founders have extensive IT experience along with a formal business management knowledge. AcuTech not only understands technology, but also understand its enabling role in your business.

We have our presence in India and the US, and our services are provided throughout our three sales offices in India and one in US.

AcuTech Group of Companies
AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.
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AcuTech Solutions LLC is a USA based firm that specializes in providing ERP and industry specific technology solutions. In addition, AcuTech provides IT consulting, project support, staff augmentations, infrastructure services, and custom software development services. AcuTech was founded for the purpose of providing highly-skilled IT professionals to meet our client’s onsite and offshore technical service needs.

AcuTech USA is also extensively involved in research and design related to Solar Products in order to bring the latest innovative technology and products in the field of Green Energy to India and the overseas market.

AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.
AcuTech Solutions Pvt Ltd, IndiaVisit Website

AcuTech Solutions India, is an IT company that not only understands technology, but also understands its enabling role in your business. AcuTech IT Solutions can complement your on-site staffing or fully manage your IT function. AcuTech provides innovative and complete technology solutions by providing professionals who are specialists in understanding the multiple industry verticals.

India’s AcuTech IT Solutions development team specializes in business-technology consulting, custom application development, mobile Apps development, e-commerce consulting, application Integration and system integration.

Offshore technical skill in the areas of ASP, ASP.net, ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Android and iphone apps, just to name a few, are provided. These technical skills are well supported by Business Analysts and QA professionals.

AcuTech Solutions India renders services in computer hardware, networking, and also provides services such as AMC to these verticals even after the warranty period in order to provide a complete peace of mind for the valued customers.

We also offer 24/7 Oracle Apps, Oracle DBA, .NET, SQL Server support for our clients.

AcuTech Healthcare is further division focuses on the Medicare Software, Healthcare Consulting, and Staff Augmentation.

AcuTech's Medicare related products i-medisuites, i-medicharts, i-medisupply, i-medistores and i-medilabs is an ERP solution for the Health Care Industry. It is truly an end-to-end solution that includes everything from front desk management to finance management for any type of hospital, medical practice, diagnostic center, or nursing home. Our complete suite can be tailored to meet the unique individual requirements of the facility.

Healthcare Industries facing increasingly complex issues and challenges can have management, financial, restructuring, or legal consequences. AcuTech Consulting professionals are well prepared to help clients meet these challenges and can capitalize on short- and long-term opportunities for growth and enterprise improvement.

AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.
AcuTech SolarVisit Website

AcuTech Solar, is a part of AcuTech Group of Companies. It is a truly engineer driven company, with high-tech innovation and development at its heart. We specialize in the manufacturing of high-performance solar modules.

We manufacture and produce every solar panel in our state-of-the-art facility in Pune, India. We use innovative technology, state-of-the-art production equipment and high quality manufacturing process with 100% quality testing by EL Defect and Solar Module Tester. That makes every solar modules very highly efficient and environmentally safe.

AcuTech’s mission is to help grow the solar energy industry through partnerships and cooperation, as a manufacturer of solar products.

AcuTech Solar Pvt. Ltd.
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Triveni care is founded for the purpose of fulfilling the corporate responsibility towards the society. It is helping scocity in Renewable Energy, Sanitation, Education and Healthcare with the motto, “with one caring hand we can change the world”, Triveni Care strives to provide the helping hands to promote change and work towards a better tomorrow.

Renewable Energy: Triveni Care Foundation’s mission is to provide light in the form of a portable solar light lamp. This renewable and energy efficient resource is environmentally friendly and convenient as opposed to the kerosene lamps that are currently used, which are hazardous and emit pollution.

Sanitation: With the 1.2 billion and growing population of India, sanitation is a serious issue affecting the health, living, and development of the nation. Affecting more than 72% of the country, lack of sanitation and cleanliness is resulting in high costs, including the deterioration of public safety and health. Afflicting millions, of which more than half are children, the concern over sanitation is a continuous prevailing issue. Triveni Care Foundation strives to tackle this issue by providing proper awareness on the issue of sanitation by educating the youth on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

Education: More than half of the children in India remain uneducated, out of which the vast majority are girls. Combined with a lack of opportunity and resources, many are not provided with the chance to receive a formal education. The deprivation of such an essential right has affected millions across the country and is an imperative cause that should not go unheard. Triveni Care Foundation strives to increase educational opportunities for both girls and boys from all over India by funding the education for those who cannot afford it.

Healthcare: Triveni Care Foundation’s mission is to increase the accessibility and availability to these health care resources all while educating the public on effective health care. We plan to donate medical supply kits to villages and educate the people on the importance and methods to maintain good health.